Pulborough Schools Roundup March 2019

Bury School

I have written lots about the research based learning that takes place here at Bury; however, every now and again an opportunity presents itself that would simply be too good to miss.

The 1st of February brought with it a blanket of white. The pristine, virgin snow covered our school field; the temptation was too much. Waterproofs and wellingtons adorned (everyone has those in their office, right?), a metre stick in gloved hand – this was a chance to build a giant snowman! Venturing into the white abyss, the temptation was too great… collapsed to the floor – arms and feet creating 45 degree arcs. Jumping up and proudly glancing at the snow angel left behind. Something was missing. Oh yes, better let the rest of school join in…

Mr Moore, Headteacher www.bury.w-sussex.sch.uk

St Mary’s Pulborough

Sports at school

As a school we are very fortunate to have such close links with our local secondary, The Weald, and Horsham District Council Sports Development team. Some of our Year 3 & 4 children had the opportunity to attend an athletics day organised by HDC at Collyers College. Ourselves, and six other schools took part in a variety of indoor athletic track and field events. The track events ranged from single lap races to hurdles and an obstacle course. The field events encompassed such events as standing long jump, target throw and chest-push. Although the children competed as individuals the emphasis of the day was on the importance of the team, as each personal time contributed to an overall school time. The children were a credit to the school and everyone displayed tremendous sportsmanship. It was a very competitive day and all the children gave their best and were immensely supportive of their team mates.

On a bright spring morning the children in Year 5 participated in a morning of Sports Leadership training with Mr Meaney from The Weald School. As a feeder school to The Weald we are often able to make use of their expertise and have a strong transition programme with them. Mr Meaney showed the children how to lead sports activities, which they could then do with the younger year groups. As a school we strongly believe that these peer to peer activities allow the children to develop responsibility, leadership and communication skills.

At the beginning of February a squad of year 4,5 and 6 pupils were invited to compete in the Horsham District Council Swimming Gala at The Pavilions in Horsham. Although we have a pool at school, it is outdoor, and so in the weeks before, the squad attended training sessions at Billingshurst Leisure C0entre. There were individual races in freestroke, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly and then various team relays. We were able to enter an A team, consisting of some club swimmers, and also a B team of school swimmers. There was a tremendous atmosphere poolside with parents, staff and students encouraging those in the water and building up those about to race next. Many of the children had never swum in a competitive environment before and were understandably nervous, but they all gave an outstanding performance resulting in the A team coming 1st and the B team achieving 2nd.

We are always so proud of our children and how they rise to any occasion and show the best of themselves. We try and instil in the children a sense of self belief and that if they focus and put in the effort they can achieve great things.

We always warmly welcome visitors to school to see what we are about, so if you are looking for a school place for your child, please contact us on 01798 872007 to arrange a visit.


St James’ School, Coldwaltham

Yew Class Launch into their Space Topic

Earlier this term, Yew Class from St. James’ Primary School took an educational trip to Chichester Planetarium as part of their topic on Space.

Millie and Ellie, Year 6, said “We learnt so much fascinating stuff about the planets and the stars! The best bit about it was the Dome display of all the star constellations. It was very fun but I was a bit scared, it was soooo dark that I had to hold my best friend’s hand!”

Apart from the shop – which all the children loved to visit of course – the class learnt about what life is like on the International Space Station and how the vessel moves through our solar system.

Through an amazing talk by one of the space authorities of the planetarium, the children learnt about how far away the planets are and how long the seasons last on Neptune….about 140 years just for one summer!!

It was a great experience and the class highly recommend it as an educational and fun place of interest.

Year 3 and 4 on a Tree Trail at Lodge Hill

The Year 3 and 4 children were lucky to be invited to Lodge Hill to test a new tree based nature trail.

Barnaby, aged 8, said “I really liked finding the trees. The trees had numbers and we had a map to locate them and we had to find out what each tree was”.

Bobbi-Ann, aged 7, said “I really liked exploring”.

Afterwards the children looked for bugs in the new bug hotel. Millipedes and spiders were found, amongst other creatures. Thank you to Lodge Hill for inviting the children to visit.



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