Pulborough Schools June Roundup

Bury School

On the 29th April, Buzzard Class (Yrs 5 and 6) were dropped off by their parents in Slindon. They got together in the small groups they had been working with in class and joined their adult. From this point they were reliant on the geography they had been learning in class – could they navigate the South Downs and make it back to school before the end of the day…

In class, the children had been learning how to read maps and had spent time in their groups planning their own route. They had then written instructions for all of the group to follow, identifying key features from the map that would help them navigate their journey. Previously, the children had spent some time in the woodland at school, as part of their weekly Bury Rangers sessions, mapping it and becoming familiar with compass use. Once Mrs Braun was confident with all of the children, the date was booked.

We have great parent support here at Bury and were lucky to be joined by parents, governors and volunteers who all put their faith in the children to guide them across the Downs. All who joined the children were blown away by the children’s knowledge and skills on display and I am pleased to report all of them made it back safely to Bury with a little time to spare. One parent said, “The children taught me a thing or two about map reading and they we so well behaved, it really was a pleasure to be completing their expedition with them.”

Here at Bury, we believe that giving children these opportunities is hugely important. Really understanding the geography of the location we are part of and giving the children the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learnt in the real world is a big part of our South Downs inspired curriculum.

Mr Moore, Headteacher www.bury.w-sussex.sch.uk

St James Coldwaltham

The children at St James’ School in Coldwaltham were horrified to hear about the destruction caused by Cyclone IdIa earlier on in the year.  The children at St James’ have been writing to pupils at the Mliramkhunda School in Malawi for the past two years and regularly exchange letters, pictures, photos and even songs which the children record on mobile phones.

When the children heard that some of the children they wrote to live in the area that had been affected by the cyclone, they hurriedly organised some fund raising events. The school held a bake sale, some children filled Smartie tubes with coins and one pupil in Year 5 organised a sponsored walk over the South Downs to raise £70 on his own.

In total, the school raised £153.11 which, through the Trustees of the Milawi Schools project (a number of whom live in Amberley),  will be sent directly to those affected in Milawi. The £150 raised will be enough to purchase bedding, clothes, food and other household items for six families whose homes have been washed away in the floods.



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