Pulborough Schools February Roundup

Bury School

175 years and still going strong…

At the time of writing it is our first day back after the Christmas break and I was greeted by smiling children all politely saying good morning before running to get into school. Now, there are not many jobs you can say that about when you see people returning the first day after the Christmas holidays!

Last month I wrote about how evidence informs our practice here at Bury. This month I would like to share how this evidence frees us up to take risks and offer fantastic opportunities for our children. Rather than the odd one-off event to offer a rich curriculum, we look for opportunities to link with what we want your children to learn. Music is a great example – we have purposely bought in specialist music teachers so that every child in school is provided with high quality music and musical instrument tuition. Every child from 7 up is taught to play the ukulele whilst our youngest children are taught the fundamentals of music through percussion and song before moving on to recorders. The children then perform for their families at the end of each term – Kestrel Class’ Penguin Song has become something of legend! The children enjoy performing these songs at our annual School Camp where every child has the opportunity to sleep under canvas, head out on a night walk through the Downs and sing their hearts out around the campfire.

This year is rather special for us at Bury, 2019 marks the 175th year that children have been educated here. The church built the school in 1844 as a single classroom school on land given by the Duke of Norfolk.

Fortunate to be sited in such a special environment the school is also blessed with detailed information about its past. Through the reign of Queen Victoria farm workers in the fields nearby set their watches by the school bell. It was built twenty-seven years before schooling became compulsory and at the outset scholars paid one penny a week for their education.

The school has grown considerably since 1844 and we no longer charge for your children to be educated here (despite regularly being mistaken for a fee-paying school!). We now have three dedicated classrooms, a very large hall, separate kitchen providing hot meals and a soon-to-be-unveiled specialist studio. The original school house, once home to the headteacher is now home to Little Birds, an on-site nursery provider. The children will be learning all about the history of our school later in 2019 and there will be a chance for you all to come and see some of the many historical documents held here. In the meantime, does anyone know any of these pupils from (approx.) 1939, are you one of them?

Mr Moore, Headteacher www.bury.w-sussex.sch.uk

St Mary’s School

As we start the Spring Term the children have been excited to start their new topics and have been participating in trips and enjoying visitors to kick start their learning.  The Year 3 topic of Predators and Prey has begun with a visit by “Hawking About”. The children were treated to a wonderful display of Birds of Prey. They were able to see owls, hawks and falcons flying in the school hall and everyone was incredibly sensible as these amazing birds soared overhead.  The children heard how the Barn Owls, Kestrels and Peregrine Falcons are adapted to hunting and what sort prey they hunt. The children also had the opportunity, if they wanted, to handle the birds and examine their pellets.

Ancient Greece is the focus of year 5 this term and in order to launch the topic an exciting day full of all things ‘Greek’ took place in early January. During this wonderful day the children prepared and sampled various Greek foods; such as: pitta bread, tzatziki, pork souvlaki (kebabs), halloumi (Greek cheese), and Greek Salad. They learnt about Greek crafts and listened to Greek music.  They also produced their very own St Mary’s Olympics!

At the beginning of February, UK and Austria visited the RSPB Pulborough Brooks and had an exciting day of activities including pond dipping and a sensory walk. Undaunted by the weather the children were fascinated by what they found in the pond and are eager to see if any of the same creatures can be found in the school wildlife pond.

We always warmly welcome visitors to school to see what we are about, so if you are looking for a school place for your child, please contact us on 01798 872007 to arrange a visit.



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