Pulborough Schools April Roundup

Bury School

Over the last couple of months we have been asked to share some of our practice on a wider scale. Recently, I was asked by the Local Authority to present our curriculum work to the other head teachers in West Sussex.

I initially struggled with the idea of this, as our curriculum development is not something easily synthesised into a 15 minute presentation – any of you who have been for a tour around the school will know just how much is going on at Bury. The tour around often takes the best part of an hour and this barely scratches the surface of what underpins all of our work. However, I put something together that gives a snapshot of what is happening here and provided links for further reading. I also stressed that our curriculum is far from finished here; in truth it never will be as we are constantly refining and improving it.

The feedback we had was very positive and has led to further partnerships developing. It was also very pleasing for our local authority to recognise the excellent work that takes place in many of the small schools in West Sussex, something that I was only too keen to champion during the presentation.

One of our teachers, Laura Braun is also presenting this month; she has a little futher to travel however, as she is sharing our work on ‘applying Cognitive Load Theory in the classroom’ at a national conference in Manchester.

The children were particularly excited on returning from half term as it meant a filming day with A Tale Unfolds who were really impressed with Buzzard Class’ recent writing. We also hit a landmark with our multiplication tables as 10% of the entire school reached an answering speed of less than 1 second per question. This is based on every multiplication table up to 12×12 and the corresponding division facts – the children are incredibly fast and were rightly proud to reach this milestone. They were also particularly pleased when we became the fastest school locally (within a 30-mile radius) with a school-wide average of 2.87s per question.

A big thank you to all of you who attended our Dark Skies event with Worthing Astronomers, SDNP and Bignor Roman Villa. We were treated to clear skies and some excellent views. Worthing Astronomers will be holding another Astronomy Festival here at Bury on Saturday 8th June, only a couple of weeks before our own annual Love Bury event on Sunday 30th June.

At the time of writing we are all looking farward to World Book Day and another visit from an internationally renowned author! Whilst the costumes are always great – for us, the day is all about sharing our love of reading.

Mr Moore, Headteacher www.bury.w-sussex.sch.uk

St James Coldwaltham

The children of St James’ School in Coldwaltham celebrated World Book Day on 7th March 2019 with a
visit from inspiring local author, Philip Beicken. Philip is the author of
“The Ghosteelers” which features a magical cat called Morph.  The children and staff dressed as cats to celebrate the character in the book and the children were transfixed by Philip who encouraged them to open the doors to their imaginations by asking “what if”.

After hearing him speak the children planned their own stories featuring magical animal characters with a problem to overcome.

‘I really enjoyed dressing up as a cat,’ said Florrie.

‘Philip inspired me to read more and to write my own stories,’ explained Ben and Harry.  Evie enjoyed the day too, ‘Philip encouraged us to make our own writing more exciting by using more interesting words’.




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