Pulborough Parish Council September News

Extracts from the draft minutes of the Recreation & Open Spaces Committee meeting held on 12th July 2018.

Pocket Park Culvert

Despite chasing WSCC several times by phone and email, no further advice has been sent by WSCC since the on-site meeting on 01.05.18. This is required to be able to re-submit the Operation Watershed application for funding to unblock the stream in Pocket Park and put in preventative measures to stop this happening in the future. It has been indicated that funding will only be made available if these measures are put in place. WSCC was chased again today.

Stoolball Club Parking

As in previous years the Stoolball Club have requested permission to take cars on the recreation ground for their tournaments in July & September. The Deputy Clerk has advised that this will be acceptable as long as the ground is suitable, which the Groundsman will decide on the day. All other clubs have been contacted to ensure there is no clash of events.


Members received and reviewed the Ecological Survey Report for Rivermead, along with an action plan from 2018 to 2022. Members AGREED the following:

  • Adopt the recommended management action plan, with a slight amendment to the coppicing of the wooded area action by changing the workforce recommendation from volunteers to the Groundsman.
  • Draft a letter to neighbouring residents advising of the Parish Council’s action plan and seeking any views, copying the Ecological Survey Report.(Draft letter to be sent for comments to Members before issuing). Also ask for more volunteers.
  • The Deputy Clerk will liaise with the Groundsman and volunteers to action the works at the appropriate times. An on-site meeting will be arranged, inviting Cllr. Caplin to view the area for the first time.
  • The installation of an information board was suggested in the report, but Members felt this could be looked at after the area has been monitored for a year. The Deputy Clerk asked if the WildArt Trail incorporated or mentioned Rivermead Nature Reserve, Cllr. Quested will raise this at the next Pulborough Community Partnership (PCP) meeting.
  • Fixed point photographs will be taken to monitor and review the management program of the site and it was suggested that the fixed points are marked on the figure 2 map in the report, Cllr. Lawson and the Deputy Clerk will liaise on site at the appropriate time.
  • It was suggested that a bench, like the one installed in Cousins Way recreation ground, could be installed along the path line as this will offer great views. The Deputy Clerk will diary this matter to look at some time in the future.

Overhanging Trees

Members received correspondence from two residents regarding an overhanging Field Maple tree over a driveway in Nutcroft and an Oak tree at the end of Collingwood, both residents advised that the sap from the trees was damaging their vehicles. A Tree Surgeon had assessed the trees and advised that both trees don’t need any surgery, but provided quotations should Members decide to have the trees cut back slightly.

After much discussion, Members acknowledged that the Field Maple tree was overhanging a resident’s property and AGREED to proceed with the quotation of £105.00 to have some of the Field Maple tree’s overhanging lower branches cut back.

Members felt the Oak tree was not overhanging onto a property and so AGREED not to proceed with any works to the Oak tree at this time, but instructed the Deputy Clerk to highlight this matter when the next triennial tree survey is carried out in summer 2019 and if the resident would like to make further representation at a future meeting, they should be invited to do so.

Replacement trees on main recreation

Members previously discussed replacing a dying Red Oak, which was cut down, with two replacement trees, R&OS meeting 12.10.17, min no. 38 refers. Now that a budget allocation for replacement trees has been made in this financial year, Members considered which trees could replace the Red Oak. Suggestions were made and Members AGREED to replace with a Liquid Amber tree and an Indian Bean tree, with a price limit of £200.00 for both trees to include all the planting materials, to be planted late November, by the Groundsman. The Deputy Clerk will advise the resident who originally reported the dying tree.

Replacement Shed

Members received photographs of a badly worn shed in the allotments and quotation of £184.99 + vat from Shedstore for a replacement shed. Members AGREED to proceed with the quotation for a replacement shed.

The next Planning meeting will be at 7.15pm  20th September followed by the full Parish Council meeting. www.pulboroughparishcouncil.gov.uk


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