Pulborough Parish Council November News

Extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 20th September 2018

Potential sale of Council land

The item previously proposed on availability of Council owned land being developed in order to fund the Sports Pavilion rebuild project etc. had been investigated by the Clerk as requested. As anticipated, the recreation ground was under covenant to Fields in Trust, which protects it for recreational use and any appropriation or disposal requires FIT’s approval, therefore, this item had been withdrawn.

Hanging basket extra watering costs

Due to prolonged drought conditions and the absence of the Council’s Groundsman, under delegated authority to avoid disruption of a Council service, the Clerk had appointed Sussex Land Services) to water the Council’s hanging baskets for 10 days. This was done to protect the Council’s original investment cost of enhancing the village main route but meant an additional cost to the Council of £350 excluding VAT.

Additional Bus Shelters cost overrun

The Clerk pointed out that the approximate cost of £5,000 originally approved by Council in June had subsequently increased to a total cost of £14,382.50 + VAT for all 3 shelters. However, S106 funding was being applied for which it was hoped would reimburse the cost (excl. VAT) anyway.

Church Hill Traffic

A resident of Church Hill spoke to Members about the serious concerns he had regarding the traffic issues at Church Hill, and particularly the problems of lorries/heavy vehicles negotiating the narrow pinch-point at the top of the hill. He was especially concerned at the Government proposals to upgrade the road to a Major Road Network and urged the Council to take some form of action to prevent this. The Chairman responded that his comments would be considered as part of the agenda item on this latter later in the meeting. Members had received a copy of the resident’s letter to the Council as part of correspondence. County Cllr Arculus also spoke with the resident about the issue.

Sports Pavilion Rebuild.

Tentative enquiries being made about costs of alternative construction such as timber frame, and one of the sports pavilion user groups was researching other cheaper alternative building cost provision. The general view from the last few meetings was that the Council would have to ‘cut its cloth accordingly’ to a revised £1m budget that was potentially accessible, since the £2m outline proposals for the project were not now considered achievable.



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