Pulborough Parish Council News for October

Pulborough Brooks, West Sussex

Extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 19th July 2018.

Sports Pavilion rebuild project

Members noted the Sports Pavilion Working Group meetings held on 25th June (Notes circulated) and 16th July 2018. The Clerk and Chairman had met with the Sussex Community Development Manager of the Football Association to discuss eligibility for grants.

He had advised that the changing rooms would be deemed as adequate and therefore the project was unlikely to meet grant criteria, but suggested taking another look at Sport England funding, which the Clerk will research again.

Unfortunately it was looking very unlikely that the shortfall of approximately £1m could be funded and the Council now needed to consider the best way forward: This may include whether to re-look at proposals from several years ago for a single storey refurbishment and extension project. A copy of these earlier proposals had been circulated to Members.

Members discussed the positives and negatives of reverting to former proposals in the interests of economy and also that the Council’s preferred provider, MacConvilles Surveying, had originally presented a single storey project. Comments were made regarding the importance of: involving the sports clubs in assisting with fund raising, consulting residents and publicizing proposals, and the need for a professional outcome.

Suggestions were made about letting public know of the proposals via social media and displays at the Harvest Fair, and of seeking financial support from local businesses or individuals.

Following lengthy discussion, it was resolved that the Clerk should liaise with MacConvilles to obtain approximate costs for a single storey proposal and that the Sports Pavilion Development Working Group should meet as soon as possible with delegated authority to develop and implement a strategy, including the following points:-

  • Consulting public regarding proposal options and costs for the two concepts, using social media, Harvest Fair stand, press release and other means.
  • Investigating local commercial or private investment in the project.
  • Engaging with the sports clubs and social club to help with promotion and fund raising.

Next meeting 18th October preceded by the Planning & Services Committee at 7:15pm in the Village Hall. . www.pulboroughparishcouncil.gov.uk


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