Pulborough Parish Council June News

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 9th May 2019.

Minutes of 2018 Annual Village Meeting

The minutes were approved as a true record. Two updates were mentioned regarding item no 12:

  • The planning application near the railway station has now resolved all the issues with Network Rail and hopefully the development will start soon. A member of the public highlighted the pedestrian danger of parked cars along Stopham Rd and walking under the bridge. Cllr. Quested advised that, as part of the planning application, bollards will be installed along Stopham Rd to prevent cars parking there and a traffic light system will be installed under the bridge
  • Re Swan Corner and the dilapidated appearance of the buildings – the developer had issues with access to complete the work, but this has now been resolved so hopefully work will be carried out to smarten up the area.

Pulborough Footpath Charter

The Parish Council launched a Footpath Charter in December 2018, the charter was recently updated to include bridleways and will be re-launched in the local press and will be presented to the Horsham Association of Local Councils in due course. The Footpath Charter highlights the obligations on footpaths for both landowners and footpath users. A member of the public advised that some stiles on footpaths are too high, especially for older residents. There is an initiative to get rid of the stiles and replace with gates.

Neighbourhood Plan update

The site assessment and green space study has been completed.

  • The plan needs to be approved by the Parish Council, then will be sent to Horsham DC (HDC) for a ‘Healthcheck’, (6 weeks for completion) which includes a ‘Strategic Environmental Assessment’, which looks at the sites put forward in terms of access, traffic etc.
  • At mid/end of June, the plan will go to the Regulation 14 stage, which is a 6 week public and statutory consultees consultation.
  • The Parish Council commissioned a report from a company called Aecom one year ago, which, in summary stated the number of dwellings Pulborough would need to take between now and 2031 (possibly 2033) and, taking into account the dwellings already approved, this would result in 246 dwellings.
  • After completing  the  ‘Call  for  Sites’  stage,  33  sites  were  put  forward  by landowners, of which the Steering Group visited and through the ‘RAG’ (red, amber, green) process and looking at the parish requests in the Neighbourhood Plan survey, 6 sites have been identified. These sites cannot be divulged until after the HDC ‘Healthcheck’.
  • After Regulation 14, HDC complete their own consultation, then the Plan goes to the Planning Inspector, so this is a long process.

The Chairman advised that the current proposed Neighbourhood Plan is not able to include sites that cannot offer more than six dwellings and any small developments (under six dwellings) are classified as windfall sites, will be considered in accordance with HDC’s planning process.

Pulborough Sports Pavilion update

Aspirations of a two storey building would have been too much money and so the designs have been reviewed, plans were displayed at the meeting for all to see. It is hoped that a structural survey will be carried out soon. Although some funding is in place, the Parish Council is in the process of liaising with relevant authorities regarding funding.

Lottery funding was unlikely to be forthcoming. Funding from Sports  Councils  is  an  option  with  regarding  for the  sports  side  of  the development, but could not be used for the social club element.

Other Business / Public Questions

Q – There are various potholes in the area and numerous reports to West Sussex County Council (WSCC).
A – residents should persist with reports and commented that, unfortunately, the Parish Office has no more influence over the speed of any works than residents do.

Q – ‘Slow’ signs are not being replaced if knocked down or worn. A – Residents should attend the Chanctonbury Local Committee meetings which are attended by WSCC and such concerns can be put forward at these meetings.

Q – A tree in Station Approach was cracking a wall and looked dangerous. A – This has been reported several times to WSCC, but no replies have ever been received. Suggest that issues raised should be copied to our local Member of Parliament.

Q – Plans for disabled access around the back of Pulborough station? A – The new development application will put this in, disabled access to the northern line was a condition in the planning application.

Q – Reclassification of the A29 and associated funding?  A –  WSCC must make an application for funding by Summer 2019. PPC have requested a feasibility study to be carried out in Pulborough, and have told WSCC that the A29 and the associated infrastructure, between Coldwaltham and Codmore Hill, is seriously in need of upgrading to quantify its classification.



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