Pulborough Parish Council February News

Pulborough Brooks, West Sussex

Extracts from the minutes of the Planning & Services Committee Meeting held on 4th Jan 2018 (minutes unconfirmed at the time of going to press).

Local Bank Closures

Members are concerned about all the bank closures. It was commented that banks are not looking at the demographic of each area before deciding to close; older residents require banks as many will not use on-line banking. Cllr. Kipp has contacted local traders to ask them how the bank closures have affected them as a business and as a resident, she will also be contacting Age UK to discuss this issue with them. Cllr. Henly will also obtain feedback from members of the Wednesday Club.

Southern Water Issues in Pulborough

Members discussed the various historic and recent water issues and sewerage smells within the Pulborough area and commented that the Highfield development will add to the problems. Cllr. Tilbrook would like to arrange another meeting with Southern Water and invite Parish Councillors, District Councillors, Nick Herbert and the Environment Agency to discuss and resolve these issues. Members AGREED to this and Cllr. Tilbrook will arrange accordingly.

Recommendations of the Planning & Services Committee meeting on 4th Jan 2018

Planning Applications

DC/17/2703 – Old Rectory Old Rectory Lane Pulborough. Proposed new structural opening to the internal wall. Fit new double bi-folding panelled doors to match the existing joinery details. (Listed Building Consent). No objection.

DC/17/2744 – Mount Farm, Hill Farm Lane, Codmore Hill, Pulborough Demolition of existing pool house and enclosure. Construction of replacement swimming pool and enclosure. No objection.

DC/17/2812 – 2 Southside, Pulborough Front single storey extension. No objection. Members noted that this planning application has been submitted by Cllr. Bignell of Pulborough Parish Council.


DC/17/2706 – 14 Allfreys Wharf, Pulborough Surgery to 1 x Ash. No objection




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