Pulborough Parish Council December News

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 18th October 2018.

Christmas Trees and Lights

Approved the supply and installation by Festive Illuminations of Christmas Trees and lights on Lower Street /Pulborough businesses and residential premises, at a cost of £3,040 (excl. VAT). plus any additional installations within the agreed budget limit of £3,520. Following discussion, it was noted that the Councilpays approximately £80 per tree and suggests a £10 donation, which has been unchanged for some time. For future years, the Council should endeavour to further offset the cost to the Council by suggesting a minimum donation of £10 and that recipients of two trees should be asked to donate for both.

Pavilion water leak

A leak allowance of £2080.83 had been applied by Southern Water, together with a £50 credit from Business Stream. Subsequent to the meeting, the insurance claim of £3880.72 for loss of metered water had been successful which would further offset the balance payable to Business Stream as a result of the leak.

Recreation ground anti-social behaviour

Discussion took place around perceived antisocial behaviour at the recreation ground and whether this was related to users of the sports pavilion/social club. Query was also raised regarding membership of the Social Club. Members were keen to establish whether such reports were founded and it was agreed that the Clerk would arrange a

meeting with the Social Club Chairman and Steward to discuss matters.

A29 Upgrade to Major Road Network

Members considered the response received from the Dept for Transport to the Council’s letter to the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport objecting to the proposals (previously copied to Cllrs). Members felt that the letter had not addressed the concerns raised, such as bottle-neck issues and lack of consultation. No response had been received from the MP or from WSCC who had been copied in. The Clerk reported that correspondence had been received from a member of Coldwaltham PC who were also concerned and wished to meet with PPC.

It was felt imperative to engage in dialogue with relevant bodies as soon as possible, since the Government’s intention was to finalize MRN proposals this autumn. The Council would respond to the Dept for

Transport reiterating the Council’s concerns in the strongest possible terms with relevant concerned parties copied in, including Nick Herbert MP.



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