Pulborough Parish Council April News

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 21st February 2019..

Neighbourhood Warden report – Church Hill footpath:

Subsequent to the decision to arrange a photograph illustrating the difficulties of disabled/mobility impaired residents using the footpath, WSCC had cleared back the overgrown vegetation following requests (including by the Neighbourhood Wardens). The photograph had not, therefore, been arranged and the Clerk asked whether Members’ felt this was still necessary. Members confirmed their wish to proceed.

New children’s roundabout

Approved applying for S106 monies to fund 90% replacement cost of the ‘Kiddabout Roundabout’, to the value of £6,863.85 + VAT, the remaining 10% cost to be funded by the Council.

Cutbacks to Youth Services

Members had received a short briefing from Mr Chris Cook, CEO of Sussex Clubs for Young People, prior to the formal Council meeting and had asked several questions. Mr Cook had given an informative overview of the background of both himself, the organisation and work they were currently involved with in the Horsham district, which included taking over the
running of The Purple Bus (youth outreach).

Horsham Matters had formally notified councils that they would not be able to provide the Community Youth Worker service after 31st March 2019 and only a limited service was currently available up to that point. This decision had been taken following the withdrawal of some £100,000 funding by WSCC and after other viable options had been considered.

Negotiations and potential collaborative arrangements were ongoing between Horsham Matters, the District and Parish Councils and other potential service providers. Sussex Clubs for Young People and 4TheYouth Ltd were due to meet with Horsham Matters the following week to discuss contractual, staffing and area needs matters.

Mr Cook confirmed that a proposal for a collaborative approach for PPC consideration would be available soon. Members were supportive of continuing the intended 2019/20 funding of £14,000 pending further information, and of the continuation of the current cluster arrangement with Billingshurst PC. It was thought that Billingshurst PC was also likely to support this going forward.



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