Pulborough Council February News

Edited extracts from the minutes of the Planning & Services Committee meeting held on 6th December 2018.

Electric Vehicle Charging in Pulborough

Tesco replied to the Parish Office to say they would have to ask their Head Office if there are any future plans to have electric charging points on their premises. Sainsburys have not replied.

Community Highway Scheme for Lower St

The item has not been added to the agenda as the Highways Manager is not attending the meeting. The Highways Manager advised that WSCC are looking again at how they process Community Highway Schemes and where bigger schemes, like Lower St, are likely to sit within the delivery mechanisms. A meeting will be scheduled in the New Year, which the Deputy Clerk is following up.

Editor’s note: From the West Sussex CC website:

“We encourage communities to identify any highway concerns they may have. Each year we deliver community-driven schemes through the Integrated Works Programme.

Examples of schemes we have delivered include:

  • traffic calming features
  • town/village centre enhancements
  • cycling facilities
  • crossing facilities
  • speed limits/zones
  • junction improvements.”

A29 “Upgrade”

At the Full Council meeting on 22.11.18, Members were updated on a meeting between Pulborough Parish Council (PPC) and WSCC regarding potential Government plans to categorize the A29 as a major road network (MRN). It was noted at this meeting that the change to an MRN is not an upgraded status but a new category recognising already established principle routes, which the

Government is directing funds towards.

It was noted that the A29 has a lot of traffic on it and WSCC will look at conducting a feasibility study to ensure the A29 is safe as a MRN. The meeting was advised that a feasibility study has been carried out on the A283 in Washington and Petworth, which showed the A283 in these areas was unsafe. As the A283 crosses through Swan Corner, this feasibility study could be used as part of the discussions.

At the meeting PPC agreed that its transport plan would need to be reviewed and brought to WSCC’s attention as part of ongoing working together to identify projects. With this in mind, Cllr. Tilbrook would like Members to initially note any issues, to form part of the discussions with WSCC, as follows:

Members noted the following:

  • Any HGV through Pulborough automatically makes it unsafe for pedestrians as there is no by-pass in Pulborough. It was noted that there is one recorded fatality at Swan Corner.
  • The pavements are very narrow from Swan Corner up Church Hill and along Pidgeon Gate Bridge.
  • The A29 by the Corn Store has a blind corner if a pedestrian is crossing there, you are unable to see traffic turning south.
  • The lack of a new pedestrian footbridge across Pidgeon Gate Bridge is an issue, there are S106 funds available for this, but WSCC have not progressed this project.

Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety Around the Pinch Points on the A29, i.e. Swan Corner, Church Hill and Pidgeon Gate Bridge

Members noted the following:

  • The road is very narrow at the top of Church Hill, HGV’s often clip their wing mirrors.
  • The space around Swan Corner is too tight to turn safely.
  • Swan Corner & Church Hill are in a conservation area and there are many
  • old houses in close proximity to the road.
  • A weight restriction is needed on the A29, especially on Swan Bridge.
  • When there were temporary traffic lights around Pidgeon Gate Bridge, during the works on the Highfield development, there was a notice advising that HGV’s should not wait on the bridge, now there are permanent traffic lights, there is no sign, why is this not a safety issue now?

SHELAA 2018 Housing Report

Members received the above named report to fact check and noted the following:

  • SA – 087 – West Glebe, Church Place – Pulborough’s Neighbourhood Plan has identified this as an open green space.
  • The maps in general are ok, but not completely accurate.
  • SA – 588 – Land off Glebelands – This maybe identified in Pulborough’s Neighbourhood Plan as a Community Land Trust.

Editor’s note. The SHELAA Report lists land which has been assessed by Horsham District Council as potentially able to be developed, or otherwise, in the future. It can be accessed here:




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