Public toilets in Chichester to be refurbished

Chichester, West Sussex

Public toilets in a prime city centre location in Chichester are set to be refurbished to make them modern and accessible.

The toilets, in Tower Street, will benefit from £145,000 investment, agreed by Chichester District councillors at their meeting on 20 November.

The facilities are located close to the bus and coach stops and are well used by residents and visitors. Between 13 June and 20 August this year they were used 19,660 times – an average of 289 uses per day.

The toilets have not been refurbished since the late 1980s, and the existing drainage facility also needs to be replaced. A CCTV survey will be carried out to examine the condition of the drains and work out what improvements are needed.

The current disabled toilet does not meet the requirements of the 2010 Equality Act. The refurbishment would involve designing a scheme to make best use of the site by potentially re-designing the layout which would make the facilities more accessible.

The refurbishment will be funded using £65,000 from Chichester District Council’s reserves and £80,000 from the Asset Replacement Programme.

“We provide a number of public conveniences across the district for residents and visitors,” says Councillor Tony Dignum, Leader of Chichester District Council. “This refurbishment will ensure that our public toilets in Tower Street are modern, accessible, help to provide a positive image of the city and can be used for many years to come.”

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