Proposed Incinerator will be seen as far as Surrey

The proposed incinerator for Horsham will be seen from as far away as Box Hill in Surrey.

Britaniacrest have submitted a new planning application for a Recycling, Recovery and Renewable Energy Facility and Ancillary Infrastructure to West Sussex County Council with a deadline for comments of 28thApril.

Rural and residential areas surround the proposed location for the industrial incinerator at the Wealden Brickworks, Horsham, off the A264.

No Incinerator 4 Horsham community group said:

 “The submission clearly shows that the chimney of the incinerator will be 95m tall, taller than Big Ben.  It will be far taller than the current brickwork’s chimney at 26.5m high.  The proposed incinerator building will be taller than the brickworks chimney at some 35.92m in height and larger in scale than the Horsham shopping center, Swan Walk, that is 1.4 times the length of a football pitch.”

“This proposal will be a visual carbuncle for Sussex and Surrey, making Horsham the dumping ground for waste from other counties, shipped in along our congested roads.”

The West Sussex County Council waste policy is clear on many fronts and one is Strategic Objective 10:To protect and, where possible, enhance the natural and historic environment and resources of the County. And Policy W11: Character. Proposals for waste development will be permitted provided that they would not have an unacceptable impact on: (a) the character, distinctiveness, and sense of place of the different areas of the County……

“There is no way that this monstrosity of an industrial incineartor will ‘enhance the natural and historic environment’ of Horsham town.”


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