Potholes, Lease Cars and More! We All Need Wheel Repairs Sometimes

It really wasn’t that long ago that having alloy wheels was a real luxury. Most cars offered them as a very expensive option of they only came with the top of the range model. These days, however, almost every car has them and almost every car own has, at some point or another, damaged one or more of their wheels.

The things that cause the damage vary, the reasons for repairing change too but one thing is for sure, there are more wheels and more cars on the roads than ever and a lot of them need some TLC.


Our roads seem to be getting worse and worse across Sussex and the rest of the country. This means we find ourselves crashing over potholes far more often than we would like. Most of the time we get away with it but hitting a really big pot hole can seriously damage your wheel. It might not even be that visible, but the damage can get worse over time. Wheels can crack, dent and buckle because of a big impact like a pothole. It is important to get a wheel looked at if you feel it tool a really big hit because driving around with a cracked wheel is not a very good idea.


We have all done it…we really have. Scuffing one of your lovely alloy wheels on a kerb when you are trying to park is very common indeed. Some people just ignore it because it doesn’t make the wheel unsafe, but many choose to get it fixed. It isn’t a huge job but having wheels that look neat and tidy make a big difference to the look of the car and its re-sale value. A common trend these days is to let these scuffs build up and then get all four wheels done periodically which can be a very cost-effective way to approach it. There are also those times when the damage might not be something w wish to tell our other half or even parents when it comes to young drivers. Thankfully these days wheel repair is quick and relatively inexpensive so a discreet visit to us can have any damage repaired in no time at all!

End of Lease

If you are leasing a car you will be acutely aware there is a charge for any repairs needed before the car goes back. While some people simply bare the hit of this cost direct from the lease company it is becoming more common to get the work done before it goes back and save some money. Putting the car in for a full wheel refurbishment prior to the end of the lease is a much cheaper way of dealing with this kind of damage. It is now becoming very popular to let most wheel damage remain throughout the lease period and then get everything fixed at the end.

Selling Your Car

Wheels are much like the windows of a house, they really have a big, sometimes sub conscious, effect on the quality of the vehicle in the eyes of a buyer. A car may be reliable and have a great service history but if the wheels are tatty and damaged the whole feel of the car is lowered and so is the price! A small investment in getting all the wheel refurbished can help keep the re-sale price high and avoid haggling. Clean, tidy and shiny wheels really do help make the entire car look more appealing and can make a big difference when chasing that ideal asking price.

There are a lot of reasons people need to have their wheels looked at and repaired, the causes a varied too but one thing remains the same…99% of problems can be fixed, quickly and at a surprisingly low cost so why wait?!

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