Photographic exhibition explores youth culture in Worthing

A photographic exhibition which explores youth culture in Worthing has opened at Colonnade House, Worthing, as part of the one-month long Brighton Photo Fringe (BPF).

Worthing Artist-in-Residence, Jack Latham, has chosen to explore what it means for today’s younger generation to grow up with two versions of themselves – the real one and the online one.

“Worthing has a reputation for its elderly demographic, so I thought it would be interesting to work with young people, exploring the way that, through social media, they have to negotiate two identities,” said Latham, who is originally from Wales, but now lives in Hove.

(c) Jack Latham

Known for his large format photography and slow camera techniques, Latham also addresses the way digital photography is now so instant and seemingly there forever, particularly on the internet. The pictures made during the residency were taken with a large format wooden camera and are hung on the walls of Colonnade House in a way which, when they are taken down, they will be destroyed.

“I wanted to show how the way we digest photography has changed. Today there is an oversaturation of images as we take photographs every minute of the day, and they are all also potentially stored forever. In the past that wasn’t necessarily the case.”

“The format used means the pictures I take can sometimes take upwards of an hour to produce. Slowing the process of image making is very much part of my practice.”

Latham has also been working this month with photography students at Northbrook College whose work will also be exhibited at Colonnade House from mid-October.

The exhibitions runs at Colonnade House in Warwick Street, Worthing, until October 28.


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