Petworth Parish Council June News


Edited extracts from the minutes of the Petworth Town Council (PTC) meeting on 21st March 2019.

Petworth Primary School Book Club

Mrs Clare Wiggs, Mr. Galvin Head teacher at Petworth Primary School and 4 children attended. The book club started with Key Stage 1 children and was quickly followed by one from Key Stage 2 children. There are twelve members in all.

Two children from each of the two book clubs gave a brief presentation of what books they had read and each of the twelve member children had done a little written piece which was displayed on a board.

Mrs Wiggs and Mr. Galvin gave a general overview. The children choose their own books from the Petworth Book shop who then get the books in for the children. The older children, having read the book, discuss it whilst the younger ones read to enjoy the book and often do not finish a book in one

term. The book clubs had raised awareness of reading and ignited a lot of interest from other children. There are now more children wanting to join a book club.

County Councillor report

There had been a meeting with Hyde Housing regarding the cutting of the hedge at Dawtry Road. This should now be progressed. An Ofsted inspection for Children’s Services had taken place. The report is not yet available. More retained Firemen and women are required, could councillors put the word around town. The Velo South event will not happen this year but there will be cycling events scheduled to come through Petworth in the future. It is expected that there will be no total road closures for the day as with the Velo South last year.

Finance and general Purposes Committee

An overview of the accounts at the 11 month stage was given.  The accounts are looking fine and by year end there should be a small under-spend which will boost general reserves. Council Members approved the grant awards for Petfringe, £800; Petworth Festival £250 and Petworth Gardener’s club had the grant award increased from £350 to £400.

Petworth Park Sports Club

Junior football and cricket are doing well. The club has entered a softball league. Adult cricket – 18 home games have been booked for this upcoming season. The Master Plan is still progressing well and the extended lease is nearly ready to be signed.

Petworth Tourism Working Party

The first meeting had taken place, and agreed to capitalize on what Petworth offers. A suggestion was made to produce a map showing place of interest.

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