Petworth Parish Council July News

Edited extracts from the minutes of the Petworth Town Council (PTC) meeting on 1st May 2019.

Open Spaces Committee

The Clerk informed the council that the walkway on the towers playground equipment, is in need of repair.  A working party will assemble at Station Road allotments on Saturday to continue to cover the remaining free allotments with black plastic.

Allotment update from Clerk:

Business Stream have now sorted the new meter on Station Road allotments and the first bill for January-April has been received. Unfortunately some tenants are still being chased for rent. The Council has received some complaints regarding rental increases.

Hampers Common Playground

The Councillor updated the committee members on the positive and informative meeting that he, and other Councillors had had with Piers Taylor from Chichester District Council. They had discussed all the major concerns over the playground and had received some useful and good advice from him. On the advice of Piers Taylor, it was agreed to find a new site for the picnic bench and to provide a youth shelter. Piers will meet on site to agree a suitable place for both. Following this meeting,  a meeting to consult the residents of Hampers Green will be arranged. The Clerk was asked to write to the right Honourable Sir G. Pattie to update him on events.

The following information is edited extracts from the Finance and General Purpose Committee meeting on 21st May.

Action List

The Sylvia Beaufoy Centre had applied for a grant of £2,000 to help set up a Homework Club for secondary school pupils getting off the bus after school. Following discussion of the application it was proposed by one Councillor, seconded by another and agreed by all, that it be submitted to Full Council for approval on Thursday.

It was concluded that there was now no real prospect of receiving any reimbursement for the damaged slide at Hampers Common nearly 5 years ago. The Council would be asked to approve this.

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