‘Personal best’ records broken in annual fund-raising bike ride

Riders made great progress and broke their ‘personal best’ records when Horsham Wheels for All held its annual fund-raising bike ride from Shoreham to Horsham, using the Downslink cycle route.

The club welcomes all ages and abilities and encourages use of a wide range of adapted bikes, with instruction from the county council’s Bikeability team.

A Bikeability spokesperson said: “The simple goal of Horsham Wheels for All is to get everyone riding.

“Despite the unsettled weather, the club had a great turnout on its annual fund-raising bike event, with riders covering distances of between one and 15 miles.

“This was the second, successive year the club has covered the route and this time the ride was all about progress, with some members doubling the distances they covered in 2017. Some people were also riding sections independently of support for the first time.”

As well as an effort to raise the club’s profile and seek new members, Wheels for All also aims to raise funds to go towards a new, side-by-side hand cycle via its JustGiving page. It welcomes all new riders and meets weekly at Broadbridge Heath Athletics track on Fridays during term-time, 4.30pm to 6pm.


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