Operation Watershed – anti-flooding schemes to be given nearly £160,000 boost

operation-watershed community flood action schemes to be given £160,000 boost

Five projects will benefit from the latest round of Operation Watershed Active Communities Fund awards, designed to encourage town and parish councils and community groups to mitigate local flood risk. Nearly £160,000 is being distributed to West Sussex communities to tackle flooding.

Deborah Urquhart, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change said: “With the effects of climate change already felt it’s vital we improve communities’ resilience to flooding, ensuring West Sussex is better placed to respond to extreme weather events. This important project has given hundreds of community groups the funds they need to minimise flooding risk where they live, and I’m thrilled that this crucial work is continuing.”

The latest awards include:

• Fulking Parish Council, £25,957

Flooding on Clappers Lane and Edburton Road during rainy periods makes it dangerous for drivers. The existing drainage infrastructure no longer has capacity to deal with the amount of rainfall experienced which is eroding the road surface. Works will improve infrastructure and allow for the existing ditch capacity to be increased allowing for easier future maintenance.

• Slinfold Flood Action Group, £32,157

Hayes Lane is part of a large surface water catchment area. The work along Hayes Lane aims to help mitigate flooding from ditch work at the top of the lane, improving existing culverts and headwalls with trash screens to manage debris from blocking culverts and allowing for easy maintenance by volunteers. Work is also planned to increase the capacity at the system outfall into the stream.

• Trotton with Chithurst Parish Council, £31,155

During periods of heavy rainfall, the drainage system along the A272 from Trotton Farm to Trotton Bridge makes the road very dangerous. Work to improve the highway drainage at Trotton Bridge are planned, including additional gulley and culvert to a new outfall into the river.

• Bolney Parish Council, £7,503

The A1220 in the Paynesfield area has been affected by localised flooding from groundwater sources. The proposed works will replace much of the existing filter drain system with a new deeper system which will have a positive outfall into the existing highway drain in Paynesfield.

Since starting in 2013, Operation Watershed has successfully supported local communities by funding nearly 400 projects to a value in excess of £4million and worked with over 150 groups.

To apply for Operation Watershed funding, email: [email protected]

More information about Operation Watershed can be found at: www.westsussex.gov.uk/watershed


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