On Global Recycling Day Horsham District Council reaffirmed number 1 recycling target

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Reviewing recycling results on Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling Day this year fell on Saturday 18th March and Horsham District Council marked the 2023 event by embracing this year’s theme of ‘Creative Innovation’.

When it comes to recycling, the Council has a good track record. The Horsham District currently achieves a recycling rate of 53.5%, the highest throughout Sussex, and it is currently ranked in the top 50 recycling performers across the whole of the UK.

Embracing creativity in recycling is considered to be a leading factor in this success.

The council’s pioneering new coffee pod recycling collection service launched this year and is proving very popular. Since its introduction in February, Podback customers have booked some 988 collections comprising of 1,970 individual bags of pods being diverted to recycling.

The council’s Hot Bin recycling trial which launched in the summer of 2020 has gone from strength to strength with several local families signing up to become recycling champions and thereby reduce levels of food waste.

The council’s kerbside collections of small electricals, textiles and batteries launched in May 2021 has also been really successful, offering residents a really convenient solution to recycling unwanted items.

4,449 collections of small electricals and textiles were booked in 2022 comprising of 10,266 individual items collected. 10.48 tonnes of small electrical items were recycled and 12.61 tonnes of textiles.

The kerbside recycling of batteries achieved a diversion to recycling of 5.22 tonnes in 2022, as well as avoiding these items going in the residual waste stream where they cause problems including the possibility of fires at the Mechanical and Biological Treatment Facility in Horsham.

Commenting on the results on Global Recycling Day, Horsham District Council Cabinet Member for Recycling and Waste Cllr Philip Circus said: “Our outstanding efforts continue to deliver top results in Sussex and put us in the top 15% in the country.

“This is due in no short measure to the Council’s innovative approach to recycling and the many new initiatives we have launched which all set the scene for my ambition to become the country’s number one recycling authority.

“Our thanks go out to our amazing residents who continue to rise to the challenge to increase their household recycling levels and achieve our targets. Without their enthusiastic support, our success would not be possible.”


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