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Pulborough, West Sussex

Edited extract from the Planning and Services Committee Meeting held on 5th October.

Gateway signs in Broomers Hill Lane

The Deputy Clerk explained that although Pulborough Parish Council have conducted a consultation to some of the residents in Broomers Hill Lane regarding the signs, WSCC have to also conduct a public consultation to enable them to apply for a licence to have the signs installed. Members received two responses from the WSCC consultation, one in support and one against. The one against requested that the proposed location be changed, but Members agreed that the proposed location should remain to provide heightened awareness of speed for that particular part along Broomers Hill Lane.

The Deputy Clerk reported that S106 contributions for Highways was not available for this project as the West Sussex CC Officer responsible for Highways & Transport in matters relating to WSCC held S106 contributions, has advised that as the provision of village gateways is a cosmetic enhancement of the highway it does not meet the criteria for funding from sustainable transport contributions.

Having also contacted the Planning Obligations Officer at Horsham DC, they have advised that the gateway signs do not fall within the remaining categories of S106 funding, which are Community Facilities, Community Hall & Buildings, Open Space, Sport & Recreation, therefore no funds are available for this purpose. Therefore, the Deputy Clerk would like the Committee to consider other forms of funding and gave details regarding WSCC’s Community Initiative Fund, however Parish Councils are unlikely to be able to apply for a grant, it would have to be applied for by a community group and it would be looked at more favourably if match funded by the Parish Council. The deadline for the next application (was) 15th October.

After some discussion, Members instructed the Deputy Clerk to research with neighbouring councils and the providers as to how funding might be achieved.

Editor’s note. A great example of the hoops Parish Councils have to jump through just to improve something as fundamental as road safety. As usual in these times, it comes down to one thing – money. We know Broomers Hill very well, and it can be a hazardous drive. Typically, West Sussex County Council Highways shrug their shoulders. The same way they did for traffic calming outside a pre-school at Cootham when we asked them about it over three years ago. www.pulboroughparishcouncil.gov.uk



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