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Pulborough Brooks, West Sussex

Extracts from the draft minutes of the Planning & Services Committee Meeting held on 1st February.

Dominos Pizza parking

The Deputy Clerk has left several messages for the Manager at Dominos Pizza to invite them to attend a P&S meeting to discuss the parking issues in Lower St, but no response has been received.

Broomers Hill gateway signs

Cllr. Wallace advised that he has explained to the resident in Broomers Hill Lane about the reason for the proposed signage and the lack of funding from S106 monies* and suggested that a Residents Association or Committee could be set up to gather data of any traffic incidents that occur in Broomers Hill Lane as there is no current data. It was noted that WSCC Highways have agreed in principle, to the gateway signs. Cllr. Wallace also suggested that a Residents Association or Committee could maybe fundraise to purchase the gateway signs. Cllr Wallace will report back to the Committee if there are any further updates.

*Editor’s note – S106 monies are defined on the Local Government Association website as “The common uses of planning obligations are…….to secure financial contributions (from developers) to provide infrastructure or affordable housing.“

Stream Lane signs

The committee was informed that the council received a  call from West Sussex Highways advising that the 20mph wooden signs in Stream Lane will be replaced with metal signs as these are sturdier and less expensive.

Extracts from the draft minutes of the Planning & Services Committee Meeting held on 25th January.

Reserves and S106 funding opportunities

Members calculated that there is, potentially, in the region of £605,000 available for the sports pavilion re-build, comprising of funds from the Parish Council’s ear marked reserves and general reserves and existing S106 funding and S106 funding from planning application DC/15/1084 – Land North of Highfield. Whilst looking at the available S106 funding Cllr. Clarke identified an amount in excess of £700,000, which he has suggested could be used to fund a footbridge across the railway. Some of this S106 funding does have a spend by date attached to it, so should be looked at now. WSCC Officers are due to come back to County Cllr. Pat Arculus as she has been made aware of the situation. Cllr Clarke is awaiting her feedback.


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