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Fittleworth, West Sussex

Marking, parking, mud & flood

Edited extracts from the Parish Council Meeting held on 15th January 2018

The  Clerk  informed  the  meeting  that  CDC  had  confirmed  that  following  the publication of the two vacancies on the Parish Council, elections were not required for the positions and the Parish Council could now co-opt two new Parish Councillors.  CW  informed  the  meeting  that  two parishioners  had  put  themselves  forward  –  Mrs Kerry  Coughtrey  and  Mr  Lee  Scott.  The  two  candidates  had  provided  some background information about themselves and reasons why they wanted to join the Parish Council. The candidates left the room,  a vote was taken and both were proposed, seconded and confirmed.

Bognor Quarry. Quarry operators are not using wheel cleaning equipment on the trucks before they leave the quarry per the planning condition stipulated in 1993. This results in the ponds around the quarry turning  brown. This has already been taken up with West Sussex County Council (WSCC) but will be followed up.

Red Road Markings into Fittleworth.  Further to a  request at the November 2017 Parish Council meeting to ensure the red road markings into Fittleworth are reapplied, it was noted that both Pulborough and Bury have had their signs reapplied even though it was reported back at the last meeting this will no longer be done. A councillor will follow up.

Greatpin Croft Parking Proposal. Has the road in Greatpin Croft has been adopted by WSCC? If adopted then permission would be required to carry out the proposed work. But WSCC will not pay for the work. If it has not been adopted, then line painting and parking is the responsibility of Hyde Martlet.

Greatpin Croft flooding. Gardens in Greatpin Croft have been flooding due to blocked drains. WSCC have delayed Operation Watershed (the work to unblock the drains on School Lane) until the easter school holidays. This could lead to further flooding and restricting the access of the residents. Council will contact WSCC to see if the work can take place during half term or, if not, if measures to protect property could be put into place.

Village Shop is reported elsewhere in this issue.

‘The Silent Soldier’  is a Royal British legion campaign. Soldier Silhouettes can be located in any town, village or part of the countryside, and can be sponsored by anyone who wishes to do so; councils, corporate companies or individuals. Sponsorship costs £250 each Silent Soldier, which can include the Parish Council name and at the bottom, and tt was agreed to purchase one.


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