News from Findon Parish Council

Findon Valley, West Sussex

Edited extracts from a report to the Parish Council for discussion at Parish Council 25th January.

1.There has been a small hiatus as the Traffic, Environment and People (TEP) group has been waiting for (West Sussex) Highways to commence the work on the 20mph speed limit and imprint surfaces in the Square. Following the completion of this work we will be able to assess the possibilities for the location, design and commissioning of free standing SDNPA signage and entry gates welcoming people to the South Downs National Park and entry into Findon village. The visual appearance of the imprint surfaces in the Square – will also influence further options in the Square itself.

2. Highways report a delay to the work on the 20mph limit and imprint surfaces which was to commence in January 2018 due to “objections raised during the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) consultation process “ It was hoped to complete this during th current financial year but there was no confirmed start date at the time.

3. Concern has been expressed by some members of the TEP group about the Highways designated red oxide colour for the imprint surfaces in the Square. They had previously requested a Conservation colour and recommended West Sussex County Council (WSCC) consult with the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) Conservation Officer on this. Additionally there is also some concern, which may or may not be warranted, that the imprint surface around the corner of the Gun, if not done well and thoughtfully, could be detrimental to safety.

For example, if it is raised significantly above the existing road surface and very narrow (particularly at the corner with the Gun) then parents and children with buggies will step out into the road precisely where the proposed red oxide road markings will send an indication to drivers that anything not marked in red is their right of way. Highways cancelled the meeting which had been arranged with them and the SDNPA. In our view the decision by WSCC to employ conventional road markings and treat the Square as a conventional Highway gives priority to vehicles.

4. TEP intends to raise with WSCC officers the view that the 50mph limit should be reduced to 40mph limit on the A24 immediately prior to the School Hill roundabout – going north. The TEP group has raised this previously but told by the traffic consultant contracted to WSCC that it was not possible to reduce it to 40mph.



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