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Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 13th March 2018.

Public participation

Cllr Nelson welcomed members of the public to the meeting. He agreed to allow a memberof the public to speak, although the subject was not on the agenda, reminding him of the allowed time.

The individual spoke on behalf of Coldwaltham Meadows Group, he had been advised by SDNPA that the revised Development Brief is due for public consultation next week, advising that there is a very short period or comments. In his opinion, the fact that SDNPA has had a Development Brief published, is trying to influence the inspector regarding the Local Plan.

He further asked regarding the Public Meeting held in October, why there had been no consensus agreement taken of those present. Continuing to request, that the Parish Council should take a more proactive stance in this ongoing process.

Royal Wedding Street Party

The Chairman explained the history of the street party held in London Road, these had been organised for the Jubilee and the previous Royal Wedding. Both had been supported by the parish council by way of a donation of £150.00.

He confirmed that a request had been made on behalf of members from the pub, for the Parish Council (PC) to support a street party to celebrate the upcoming Royal Wedding. It is expected that they will be a request help with organising a leaflet drop and making sandwiches.

The Chairman asked if members were willing to support it. One councillor asked if this was at the pub’s request, the chairman clarified that it was members of the pub not the pub itself. Another councillor suggested that this would be a great opportunity to bring the village together following the issues faced over the last year and continue to face.

Members agreed to support the street party – members were happy to agree a donation up to £150 upon receipt of invoices.

Shackleton Close (affordable housing) – to go live on Horsham District Council website, people wishing to apply need to complete the on-line registration.

Parish Magazine

Cllr Evans collected items from council for inclusion in the Parish Link:  Annual Parish meeting – 17th April;  Low nature of the council tax 1.5% for this parish;   Speed-watch training; Highway closures for the cycling event on 23rd September;  Street party – volunteers needed for sandwich making.



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