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On 1st March, Bury Parish will be holding the Referendum for their Neighbourhood Plan.  This has taken four years of hard work, but is now at the final stage where it becomes statutory.

The Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared, following much consultation, to provide a clear framework for residents, local authorities and developers to guide future development in the Parish until 2032. The Neighbourhood Plan sets out planning policies covering:

  • Settlement boundaries and built character
  • New housing
  • Protection of our locally important heritage
  • Protection for our community facilities and green spaces
  • Measures to enhance and protect the local economy
  • Measures to preserve our natural environment and the landscape
  • Transportation issues including parking and the public highway.

As part of the process so far, the plan has been examined by an independent examiner to check it meets the required legal tests.

In his conclusions he said “This is a locally distinctive plan that offers protection to the main village of Bury and the other settlements from inappropriate development.”

He continued “This is a really beautiful area within the South Downs National Park. The plan will provide the sound basis for decision making in the area over the next decade and a half. It strikes the right balance between protecting what is important to the community, at the same time taking the initiative in allocating a site to meet the Parish’s future housing needs.”

The implementation of the Neighbourhood Plan for Bury Parish requires a majority “Yes” vote.

By the time you read this, and hopefully before 1st March, the options for postal and proxy voting will no longer be available, so the  only way to vote will be in person at Bury Village Hall which will be open from 7am until 10pm.



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