Newly elected Adur Chairman vows to support young carers

Adur District Council’s Chairman has sworn to champion young carers in the community, raising awareness of their work and promoting the services of the Electric Storm Youth charity.

Councillor George Barton, who represents Peverel ward, was officially confirmed in the role at the local authority’s annual meeting this week (Thursday 16th May 2019).

As first citizen of the District, boating enthusiast Cllr Barton will represent the Council at community and civic events for the next year.

Cllr Barton, who has previously served in the army, has pledged to use his term in office to help raise the profile of, and raise funds for Electric Storm Youth.

This non-profit organisation is dedicated to helping young people in Lancing and Sompting, improving their quality of life.

Cllr Barton replaces Cllr Loader, Adur District Council’s first independent Chairman for 15 years .

Cllr Loader led the way during her term on a Community Defibrillator Appeal, providing 15 life-saving, publicly accessible machines across the towns and villages of Adur. Speaking when she launched the campaign Cllr Loader said:

“I am doing this in memory of my late father, Brian Hollebone, who died very suddenly from a catastrophic heart attack more than 30 years ago, when defibrillators were not not available. If just one resident’s life can be saved, I shall consider it a job very well done.”

The new Vice Chairman is Cllr Andy McGregor, who lives in Shoreham and represents Widewater ward. Read on to find out more about the new Chairman.

What is your background?
“I’ve mainly been involved in two areas, I was in commerce for many, many years, but I was also in the army.”

What are your priorities for the coming year as Chairman?
“Young people, without a shadow of a doubt, my biggest concern anywhere as well as here is the number of young carers that we have, young people who are responsible for the care of their parents, who are very ill in some cases, and they have to do everything for their parents”

Which charities will you be supporting as Chairman?
“Electric Storm Youth, who have about 30 young people who act as caregivers to their parents.”

What makes Adur a special place?
“The people, I moved down here from Yorkshire four years ago and the welcome has been absolutely fantastic. The people are wonderful.”

Is there anything you’ve learnt about being Chairman so far that has surprised you?
“The attention to detail, of both the officers who do all the groundwork and the Councillors who follow it through. The attention to detail is mind-boggling.”


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