New Youth Cabinet elected to represent the voices of young people in West Sussex with 42 members

Iffat Rahman chairperson for youth cabinet

New Youth Cabinet sees 42 newly elected members

A new Youth Cabinet has been elected to represent the voices of young people across all parts of West Sussex. The county’s new youth cabinet has 42 newly elected members, aged from 11 to 18 following an election which saw 16,632 votes cast by young people across West Sussex and 45 schools take part.

Iffat Rahman has been named the new Chairperson and hopes she and her youth cabinet can inspire the county’s young people.

Iffat said: “It’s an honour to be Chair and to lead the cabinet forward, I hope for nothing more than for us to make changes for those who elected us and make sure that we are heard all over the county. Especially being a woman of colour and a hijabi, letting people know that whoever you are, you can do whatever you put your mind to. I hope to represent the voices of all young people, whoever you are.”

Young people can speak to their youth cabinet representative about an issue by emailing: [email protected]

Newly elected members attended training weekend

In total 66 candidates fought out the elections and from those, 42 young people with the most votes have been elected. The new youth cabinet attended a training weekend to get to know each other and learn from the previous cabinet as they start to plan the campaigns they will focus on over the next two years.

Jacquie Russell, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Children & Young People, said:

“Congratulations to all our newly elected youth cabinet members. Our youth cabinet is closely aligned with the Council’s senior cabinet and plays an important role in advising us on issues that will impact children and young people in West Sussex and engaging their peers on the things that matter to them. I look forward to working with them on some important subjects in the months ahead.”

Other cabinet members and responsibilities

As well as Iffat chairing the new youth cabinet, Ruby Ramsey has been named the new secretary and Aya Hamani vice secretary, while Vivaan Dixit is treasurer. A new team of communications officers are: Sophia Garmin, Elizabeth Spraggs, Eva Buckler, Chanel Quarry, Ayah Miah, Trinity McCaffrey, and Amber Doughon.

The responsibilities of the new cabinet will include:

• Monthly meetings held around the county to feedback conversations they’ve had with young people in their areas
• Working closely with senior councillors and staff at West Sussex County Council to represent the voice of young people across West Sussex
• Create new projects and campaigns using video and social media to highlight key issues young people face and to impact change

Find out more about the work the West Sussex Youth Cabinet and get in contact through the Your Voice website.


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