New thought-provoking exhibition at WMA explores Europe as a safe home

A new thought provoking exhibition has been unveiled at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery that explores the identity of Europe as a safe home.

The exhibition brings together the work of four contemporary artists; Delaine and Damian Le Bas, Alex Michon and Julia Horbaschk. Archive material, objects and art works from Worthing Museum’s collection also support the theme of this hugely debated topic. Safe European Home? speaks of people from all around the globe who have looked to Europe for a safe home, as well as those within Europe who have looked to the UK. This subject has fuelled debate historically, and will continue to be just as significant in today’s climate and in the future.

Paintings such as White Poppies by Gyula Sajo and Le Lavoir, St Nicholas-du-Pelem, Brittany by Stanislawa Karlowska celebrate the diversity of artists who were European by decent and have made a rich contribution to art history in England.  Other paintings such as Home Sweet Home by Walter Sickert are chosen to pose questions around the idea of ‘home’ and The Trial by Keith Vaughan acts as a reminder to consider civil rights.

Many of the items from the museum’s collection have been selected because they reference borders, boundaries and movement. The installations and art work by Damian, Delaine, Alex and Julia each have their own voice but the threads that weave the whole exhibition together are concerned with acceptance, tolerance, responsibility and much more.

The title itself is taken from a Clash song, a band renowned for taking an active anti-fascist stance. First shown outside the parliament building in Vienna in 2011, Safe European Home? comes back to the artists’ home town in Worthing. Tragically Damian Le Bad died unexpectedly on 9 December 2017.

Emma Walder, Art and Exhibition Curator at Worthing Museum & Art Gallery, says:
“Our Heritage is culturally diverse and has been shaped by people from all cultures, from all corners of the globe. Refusing to be history-blind, the pioneering work of Damian and Delaine Le Bas serves as a timely wake up call to remind us that the human soul has no borders. We wish this exhibition to serve as a tribute to Damian Le Bas who worked with Worthing Museum and Art Gallery, together with Delaine on many memorable occasions.  Damian was an extraordinarily talented, inventive and uncompromising artist whose passion, spirit and revolutionary commitment lives on through his work.”

For more information on the Safe European Home? exhibition, visit or call Worthing Museum on 01903 221 448.


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