Local MP Andrew Griffith reappointed City Minister on 27th October

MP Andrew Griffiths

MP Andrew Griffith City Minister reappointment

Andrew Griffith, Member of Parliament for Arundel & South Downs, has been reappointed City Minister and Economic Secretary to the Treasury in Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Government reshuffle.

The MP will be responsible for a wide ranging brief across the Treasury, including regulation in the finance sector, access to cash and introducing legislation to make the UK a more competitive place to invest.

The reappointment comes as the Prime Minister shakes up his Government, prioritizing experience and competence.

“Unleash the economic potential of the UK”

Commenting, MP Andrew Griffith, said: “I am pleased to have been reappointed as City Minister by the Prime Minister. My top priority is unleash the economic potential of the UK, ensuring every corner of the country, from West Sussex coast to the north of Scotland benefits from more investment and growth.

“I remain committed to my constituents in Arundel & South Downs, and look forward to representing them to best of my ability alongside my role in Government.”


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