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Hyundai slashes wait time for new Kona electric

In response to significant customer demand, Hyundai Motor UK has announced that customer waiting times for the new 2020 Kona electric will be significantly reduced. The move follows a significant increase in availability of its fully electric model.

Recently awarded a Which? Best Buy. It carries the same expressive design as the rest of the Kona family, with a series of recently introduced enhancements.

Ford develops 3D-printed locking wheel nuts


As car security systems become increasingly more sophisticated, thieves are targeting car parts instead, including alloy wheels. One method to deter wheel thieves is to use locking nuts, which require a special adapter, or key.

But even these are vulnerable, leading Ford engineers to harness 3D printing technology to develop next-generation locking wheel nuts. Ford has created locking nuts with contours based on the driver’s voice.

The design also includes second-level security features that prevent the nut from being cloned or copied.

Renault scoops prizes at the great British fleet awards


Renault is celebrating victory for the new Zoe, all-new Clio and latest Trafic van.

The new Zoe was awarded the prize for the ‘best green fleet car’, the all-new Clio came out on top as the ‘best fleet supermini’ and the new Trafic took the accolade as the great British fleet awards ‘medium van of the year’.

Exhausted drivers pose significant safety threat

Road safety and breakdown organisation GEM motoring assist is urging drivers to be wise to the dangers of fatigue on journeys. The risks are particularly high among those who drive for their work.

Statistics show that those most at risk from a fatigue-related collision include young male drivers, shift workers, truck drivers and company car drivers. Around 85% of drivers who cause fatigue-related crashes are male, and more than one third of these are aged under 30.



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