Midhurst Town Council July News

Edited extracts of the minutes from the Midhurst Town Council Community and Environment Committee meeting held on 28th May 2019.

Management of land

A member of the public asked if the committee members would consider having a discussion about taking over the management of land owned by Hyde-Martlett Housing, beside the Fire Station. The Town Council had planted a ‘Queen’s Jubilee tree’ and other trees on this land, however, the area required maintenance and could be better landscaped, with perhaps a bench there for local residents. He acknowledged that he understood that there would be some minor legal costs involved and then ongoing maintenance costs. Resolved – a full cost analysis for this potential project would be undertaken.

Membership of Sub-Committees

The Councillor gave an overview of the procedure for the benefit of the new councillors. The panel meet twice a year to consider grant applications received. For the year 2019/20 there is £4,000 in the budget for distribution and each applicant has to meet the criteria as set out in the Grants Policy. The panels decisions are put to Full Council for approval.

Planting of new trees

The Tree Planting Project 4, 2019 document had been circulated with the agenda. The locations confirmed for the tree planting projects are the Corner of New Road and Holmbush Way, Bepton Road and New Road verges and Rotary Orchard – Jubilee Path. The total cost of the tree planting project comes to £1,260.00 which is in the budget. Resolution – On the proposal of the Councillor, all were in favour and the motion was passed.

Operation London Bridge

The Vicar of St Mary Magdalene has agreed to keep the Book of Condolence.

Midhurst In Bloom resolved

The event will not take place this year. A new format and ideas will be discussed later in the year in preparation for holding the event again in 2020.




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