Midhurst School Crossing Patrol’s 25 years’ dedication to children and pedestrians road safety

School Crossing Patrol Jane Hooper on duty

School Crossing Patrol for Midhurst CE Primary School on her landmark

A School Crossing Patrol from Midhurst has given 25 years’ dedicated service to the safety of children and other pedestrians.

Jane Hooper now sees Midhurst CE Primary School pupils across the road. “I’m very proud to have been part of the community for so long and am now crossing a second generation of children,” said Jane, who has received a letter of thanks for her service from the Mayor of Chichester.

“The best thing about the job is seeing the little ones on their first day at school and watching them grow and develop. Not much has changed in the 25 years but safety and awareness are even more relevant now with the volume of traffic on today’s roads.”

She has a son plus two granddaughters and a step-grandson who cross with her on the way to and from school.

Jane’s employers and School Crossing Patrols

Jane also works at a care home and said she was very lucky that her employers, past and present, had recognised the importance of her School Crossing Patrol role in the community and allowed her to fit it in around her other working commitments.

Jane’s line manager, Assistant Area School Crossing Patrol Coordinator Sue Madden, said: “Jane obviously loves her job. During the first lockdown, when children were still attending school, she insisted on continuing with her patrol, even though she was in a vulnerable group.

“School Crossing Patrols sometimes face fast-moving traffic, poor weather conditions, occasionally irate drivers, but are there for the children’s and other pedestrians’ safety and are so much part of the community – the children love to see her every school day.

“We currently have vacancies all over West Sussex, including one in Midhurst, so if people are interested, they can visit the county council’s website, search ‘school crossing patrols’ and find out how to apply.”

Joy Dennis, County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said: “I would also like to thank Jane for her dedicated service and commitment to the community.

“We have 61 School Crossing Patrols across West Sussex, seeing children and parents safely across roads in all weathers during term time. They have a vital role in our communities and I thank them all.”

Anyone interested in becoming a School Crossing Patrol can find out more on West Sussex County Council’s website

Midhurst CE on recognising Jane’s achievement

Mrs Sally Clarke, Midhurst CE Primary School’s Headteacher, said: “Congratulations to Jane – 25 years of crossing children from Midhurst Primary is an incredible achievement – many of our current parents remember Jane from their own school days!

“We would all like to pass on our heartfelt thanks to Jane for her amazing commitment and service in keeping our school children safe over so many years.”


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