Midhurst/Petworth Schools April Roundup

Petworth C of E Primary School

Our annual sleepover took place at the beginning of the month with a Leonardo da Vinci theme due to the 500 year anniversary of his death. During the evening the children participated in a variety of activities, which included art, creating helicopters and writing messages in code. However the highlights of the evening was the fish and chips and the numerous games of hide and seek. It is incredible the nooks and
crannies the children found.

Pupil voice is very important in any school and when two girls wanted to ‘vamp up’ the girls toilets, we obviously let them. However, this did mean that they had to spend a morning of their half term at school painting the walls, selecting posters and decorating the toilets.

We are also very keen to promote the importance of children helping others inside and outside of school. We are very proud to be part of two initiatives, which has allowed two groups of children engage with our community. One group visited Rotherlea Care Home on three separate occasions to share ideas, complete art work and bake cakes. It was brilliant to see different generations come together and learn from each other. A highlight was a year four boy, who speaks German, engaging in a conversation, in German with a resident.

Our second initiative is working with Petworth
Vision which gives our children the opportunity to help the older generation improve their computer skills. The children shared their knowledge as they worked with the adults to explore various computing activities.

The interaction between the children and adults would make anyone smile and it proves we should never put a ceiling to the potential of our children.

John Galvin, Headteacher, Petworth C of E Primary School www.petworth.w-sussex.sch.uk

Midhurst Rother College (MRC)

As a member of the sixth form here at MRC, I am given many opportunities to develop my skills, not only in the classroom but outside of the curriculum too. One of these being the weekly mentoring schemes that we can partake in, helping the younger years with their studies in particular areas.

Paired reading takes place every week during registration in the library giving the Year Sevens a chance to read aloud to their allocated sixth former; this gives a wonderful sense of personability and it is incredibly incentivising to watch the younger student develop both their skills and confidence over time. I know that many sixth form students also tend to get rather attached to the book that they read, almost more so than the students!

Aside from this, another mentoring scheme is that of the Maths faculty which I myself take part in. Maths is not a subject that I decided to carry on into A level but having the chance to help the Year Elevens with their upcoming GCSE exam revision gives me a chance not only to feel as though I can help those in the same situation that we were in last year, but also to keep up my own Maths knowledge which I know will be useful in the future.

It is also incredibly rewarding to watch them grow as mathematicians and hopefully we will see the results of their hard work in the summer and even the results of the reading programme in four years when they also take their English exams.

Sophie Cooke, Midhurst Rother College


Easebourne Primary School

This term, Dragonflies, our Reception children, have enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year.  In PE, the children took it in turns to perform a dragon dance whilst the rest of the class played instruments to accompany the Chinese music.  They learnt about types of Chinese food and tried some rice and prawn crackers.  Some of them didn’t really like the rice, but they all loved the prawn crackers!  In fact, they enjoyed them so much that they now have a Chinese restaurant in the class role-play area!  The children also painted Chinese dragons and made lanterns.

In Year 3 (Rabbits Class), the children began to explore their ‘Rainforests’ topic. They learnt about orang-utans and deforestation and watched an advert that was banned from the television, ‘There’s a Rang-tan in My Bedroom’. The children spent a long time discussing it and how powerful the video was for the world. As a class, they debated whether it should have been televised or not and it was decided that it should have been, because deforestation for palm oil has become such a big problem. Alongside this video they also read ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ which inspired them to write letters to the President of Indonesia (President JokoWidodo) about the impact of deforestation. They are hoping that we will get a response from him!

In Badgers Class (Year 4), five children have been taking part in a refereeing course which will help them to referee fair games at break and lunch times.  At the end of the course, there will be two tests and they will hopefully be each awarded a certificate.  Meanwhile, our Year 6 school councillors held a fairtrade bake sale as part of Fairtrade Fortnight, raising £60 in the process.

Finally, we welcomed author and illustrator, Chris Riddell, to the school.  Chris, who was the Children’s Laureate from 2015 to 2017, had generously agreed to give an illustrated talk in the evening to raise funds for the school library. He was happy to stay behind to sign books and the evening raised £300 to be spent on new non-fiction books.

Johnny Culley, Headteacher, Easebourne CE Primary School www.easebourne.w-sussex.sch.uk


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