Midhurst Parish Council June News

Midhurst, West Sussex

Edited extracts from draft minutes of the Town Council meeting on 18th March 2019.

Bus Services

£300k will be cut from subsidised bus services but route numbers 91, 92, 93, and 54 will remain unchanged for the next financial year, including route number 734 from South Harting to Chichester which was to have been cut. The next local bus group meeting will take place on 25th June 2019.

Car Parking

Chichester District Council (CDC) is funding a district-wide parking review. CDC Councillor Morley urged a holistic approach to parking in Midhurst. The officers agreed that this was a far more practical way of reviewing the town centre’s traffic problems and will therefore include this approach in the brief for the selected consultant.

Mr Morley also reported that Midhurst car park charges will not be increasing this year, and that the new signs for Midhurst car parks are planned to have different and more helpful information, stating Town Centre Car Park North and Town Car Park South. Markings have been laid at the Grange car park creating four designated bays for community minibuses in the north-east corner. These will not be free and costs are the same as all other bays including the first two hours which are free of charge. The bay near The Grange front door has been designated as a drop off point to facilitate the arrival and departure of community minibuses, and signage now indicates this.

Christmas Lights and Floral Displays

Contracts for Christmas lights and floral displays were discussed at the recent Town Team (TT) meeting. A single contract for 2019-20 for both items is preferred, and TT may be able to assist with the necessary funding.

Midhurst Town Council (MTC) has its own initiatives, therefore costs must be reported to the Council and MTC must obtain its own quotations. Any money which was forthcoming from other Town Team sponsors would have to be passed to MTC and be under the control of MTC. With regards to the floral displays, a councillor asked if a contractor could provide a quotation for hanging baskets, which the Town Team could fund directly and in future years, the Town Team would work more closely with MTC on these matters. It was iterated that MTC must obtain its own quotations.

The Old Library

Requests had made to rent The Old Library, and it was suggested that the charges should be reviewed.



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