Mid Sussex Civil Service and Friends Retirement Fellowship 16th March meeting

Mid Sussex Civil Service scrabble

Mid Sussex Civil Service Burgess Hill picture quiz

The March meeting of the Mid Sussex Civil Service and Friends Retirement Fellowship enjoyed both Scrabble and a Burgess Hill picture quiz.

The latter, which had been put together by the groups Treasurer, Helen Fisher, consisted of photographs of places or objects in Burgess Hill and members had to identify where or what they were. Most of those present had lived in Burgess Hill for over 25 years yet no one succeeded in getting all 15 correct.

One of the pictures that was the most baffling to people was a panel of lattice stonework which turned out to be above Quench on the corner of Church Road.

Mid Sussex Civil Service Scrabble and April meeting

Although meeting numbers were down slightly due to a combination of holidays and some members self-isolating, it proved no obstacle to several games of Scrabble. There was a mix of experienced and new players which made for an interesting set of matches.

The meeting on 20th April will be a musical afternoon with the local group ‘Replay’, performing a selection of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s hits.

The Fellowship is open to all retirees’ not just civil servants. It meets on the third Wednesday of the month at the Bolnore room in Kings Church at 2.00pm; the next meeting is on Wednesday 20th April and meetings usually finish about 4.00pm.

For further information contact the group chairman, Keith Sullens on 07801 478452

January meeting: civil-service-retirement-group/sussex-news/


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