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Mediaeval Baebes

We saw this unique group of singers perform in the most glorious setting in central Horsham. St Mary’s is a very large, high-vaulted church which looked magnificently festive with a massive Christmas tree and huge stable manger tableau. The Baebes microphone stands were threaded with ivy; a bucolic grotto setting.

The Baebes entered in flowing magenta dresses, elaborate headdresses adorned with flowers and berries – one with ram’s horns! They were accompanied by a three-piece backing band consisting of a drummer, a cellist, and a guitar/flute player. The guitarist also played several other instruments which, to us anyway, were unidentifiable except for a saw which he played like a violin and which emitted a haunting wailing sound which perfectly accompanied a couple of the songs.

Mediaeval Baebes
Mediaeval Baebes

The concert started with one clear voice which echoed and rose up around the high vault and then was suddenly joined by five others in absolute, perfect, glorious, rich harmony.

If you were under the impression that this might all be a bit samey after a couple of songs then we were soon disabused of that. The first half flew by, with the Baebes mixing pace, rhythm, harmonies, instruments, and time signatures all with effortless ease. The Baebes smoothed and soothed through Christmas carols, nursery rhymes with a sonic twist (from their latest album), to a Spanish mediaeval morality tale – and lots more in between!

The musicality, The delivery, the setting and the sheer audio joy of listening to these wonderful women telling tales from long ago through beautiful melodies is an experience not to be missed. The package was delivered with some slightly off the wall, sardonic and

occasionally risqué introductions which had the audience tittering. All in all a fantastic musical treat.

The Mediaeval Baebes are on tour nationally between now and 19th December with full details on their website.


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