May News from Tangmere Parish Council

Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, West Sussex

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Finance Committee on 8th March 2018.

New Councillor

Rebecca Hilton was asked to address the meeting on why she wanted to be co-opted onto the Council. A vote was taken and she was elected unanimously.

Public Question Time

Q – Chichester DC have sent letters to residents about Compulsory Purchase Orders. The letters seem to refer to houses in the village.

A – The letters refer to land and boundaries, not houses and the CPO’s have been known about for many years and would assist the delivery of the neighbourhood plan. It was agreed that the phrasing of the letters was poor. It would have been good practise for the letter to be reviewed by the Chairman of Tangmere PC prior to it being sent to residents. It was agreed that this matter would be raised with Chichester DC.

Q – As the weather was poor for the Spring Clean day on 3 March, will there be another clean up?

A – The Clean Up did go ahead, but there will be more in future. Cllr Gover-Wren will be asked to upload the photos taken at the clean up onto the website.

Q – Could we have signs in Tangmere Road and Meadow Way to say that ‘careful drivers are welcome’?

A – It took a long time to get previous signs such as the one on Spitfire Court and we already have a plethora of signs. It was noted that the Government has put funding towards cleaning signs or Love West Sussex will carry out this task. It was also noted that the sign warning HGV’s about the height and width restriction seems to have gone. It was agreed that there needs to be an audit of the village signs.

Q –  Can we have more litter bins?

A  – It was agreed that litter bins at the bus stops are a good idea- although Chichester DC will charge us for emptying. It was noted that there has been a change of policy regarding bins as Chichester DC will now allow dog ‘poo’ bags in ordinary bins. This is causing a problem with the bin at the one-stop shop. The bin is private and the owners do not like dog ‘poo’ being put in it. They make take it away, so then Tangmere PC will have to pay for a bin to be placed there. It was noted that the village has lost three bins over the last five years. We need an audit of bins in the village.

Next Parish Council meeting is on 10th May at 7.30pm (the Annual Parish Council meeting).


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