May News from Arundel Town Council

Arundel, West Sussex

The first of a regular monthly feature in which we will  report on various meetings of Arundel Town Council.

Extracts from the draft minutes of Planning and Environment Committee held on 15th March 2018.

Flood Contingency Plan

IMembers considered that a working group would be required for this purpose but that, in the interim, the Town Clerk should instigate a search of the Town Council’s records to ascertain whether a former Emergency Plan devised during her former tenure could be located.

Ward Member reports

Arun District Councillors Paul Dendle and Robert Wheal reported that the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO ) for the 20 mph zone had been approved by the Joint Eastern Arun Area Committee (JEAAC); the process for the adoption of the well-advanced Local Plan; and the costs involved in lodging a High Court challenge to a planning appeal decision relating to land at Clymping.


Members were informed that the cost for the purchase of a historic sign along the alleyway next to Butler’s restaurant would be in the region of £100. The Chairman agreed to investigate whether consent would be required from West Sussex County Council for the erection of the sign and to seek the Freeholder’s consent.

The Chairman informed members that the cost of rebuilding the wall that was in a very poor state of disrepair along the Brewery Hill footpath would be in the region n of £11,000. Members agreed that the Town Clerk should write to the owner of the wall informing him of the outcome of these investigations and invite him to undertake the repairs.

Town Maintenance

Members authorised a sum not exceeding £5,500 to be carried out to repaint the railings along Maltravers Street, Kings Street and Parsons Hill; and the repair of the bench along the relief road.

Dog Waste Bins

The Council was in the process of plotting online all the dog bins within the town. Once this project had been completed a review would be undertaken to ascertain where additional bins should be located . Each bin costs £212 and the annual service charge applied is £290.22.

The Committee expressed its aspiration to replace the lime trees along Mill Road and agreed that Bob Tanner should be approached with regards to the project and asked if be feasible to implement a scheme by spring/autumn next year.


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