More light pollution and safety concerns over Gatwick noise

CAGNE, Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions, raises concerns over the aviation mapping provided by Britaniacrest for an industrial incinerator in Horsham.

CAGNE said of application:

“The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) would not of requested such comprehensive lighting of the 95m chimney stack, of the proposed incinerator at the Wealden Brickworks off the A264 in Horsham, if it was not of a safety concern to aircraft.”

According to research published in June 2016 by CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) Gatwick makes parts of Sussex skies some of the brightest in the country due to light pollution.

Outside London, Crawley is the sixth-brightest district based on average light levels, largely caused by the nearby airport says CPRE.

The CAA are requiring that the incinerator have two sets of red obstruction lights*, one at the top of the 95m stack, 1.5m below the stack top to stop the discolouration of the plume, and the other set at 52m from top of stack, so along the main body of the chimney.  As well as high intensity lights to be fitted on the boiler hall due to its height.

 “The chimney will be seen from areas of outstanding natural beauty in Surrey and Sussex due to the lighting required on the incinerator chimney.”

“The mapping provided by Britaniacrest is incomplete as it does not take into account the far reaching impact of light pollution on rural areas that enjoy dark skies and surround the proposed site.”

“Maps submitted as part of the planning application (please see attached) do not show all the departure routes from Gatwick to the west missing the noise preferential route, established over 40 years ago, which passes over North Horsham; the multiple arrival routes are not shown or go-arounds approx. 3-500**, and thus must be of a major concern to the CAA to require such extensive lighting of the chimney which is taller than Big Ben, are completely ignored in the planning application.”


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