Light and Laughter by Cherry Parsons

Light & Laughter by Cherry Parsons

Cherry was born and bred in Horsham. In her youth she dreamt of studying dress design at college, but for various reasons wasn’t able to go. Cherry went on to channel her creative passion into her own boutique before becoming a full-time mother.

Cherry’s dream of higher education became a reality when she accompanied her eldest daughter to her interview at Northbrook College, Horsham. After a meeting with the Head Tutor Cherry was offered a place to study alongside her delighted daughter.

Light & Laughter by Cherry Parsons

Cherry has exhibited work through The Farlington Art Group run by Rosalind Sprey. She also accepts commissions and has produced artworks which are displayed at Sedgwick House and Springfield Park. Having joined Horsham Artists Open Studios, Cherry has also held successful Open House exhibitions.

Working mainly in acrylics or oils, Cherry enjoys creating portraiture, seascapes and landscapes. Her work incorporates light, reflections, water or humour. The amusing new range of artworks that capture characterful seagulls provide Cherry with a mental rest from the concentration of her other artwork and make her smile whenever she sees them. Having spent much of her time caring for children, parents and beautiful grandchildren, Cherry is now revelling in having the time and space to indulge her passion.Light & Laughter by Cherry Parsons

Light and Laughter will run from 8 November 2019 to 3 January 2020 ithe Watercolour Gallery. Cherry’s original artworks, mounted prints, and a range of greetings card will be available to purchase for the duration of the exhibition.

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