Life Drawing at Brighton Festival

On the occasion of the Brighton Festival 2018 (5-27 May 2018), Guest Directed by David Shrigley, Fabrica is delighted to present the artist’s large-scale installation ‘Life Model II’ alongside a selection of his animated films.

‘Life Model II’ upends our preconceptions about the traditional ‘life drawing’ class by replacing the live model with a sculptural one. Visitors are invited to sit, observe, and draw the model using easels and materials provided. The finished drawings are then pinned to the surrounding gallery walls, becoming part of the exhibition.

Best known for his distinctive drawing style and works that satirically comment on everyday subjects and human interactions. David Shrigley’s hand-rendered drawings are quick-witted and typically deadpan in their humour and present chance utterings as if snippets of over-heard conversations. David Shrigley’s animations are a natural extension of his drawings, bringing to life his thought process and the narrative potential of his drawings.

Widely admired by the art world and public alike, David Shrigley works across an extensive range of media including sculpture, large-scale installation, animation, painting, illustration, photography and collaborative music projects.

Currently on display in Trafalgar Square is Really Good, the 11th commission in the GLA’s Fourth Plinth project, comprising a 7metre-high elongated bronze sculpture of a thumbs-up. In 2013 David Shrigley was nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize for his solo show David Shrigley: Brain Activity at the Hayward Gallery (2013).

David Shrigley is the Guest Director of Brighton Festival 2018. Other previous Guest Directors include the acclaimed recording artist, poet, playwright and novelist Kate Tempest (2017), pioneering artist and musician Laurie Anderson, who led the 50th Brighton Festival in 2016, award-winning author Ali Smith (2015) and musician Brian Eno (2010) who have all taken turns shaping the three-week programme of cultural events. Alongside Life Model II, David Shrigley will make a number of appearances in the Brighton Festival programme including Problem in Brighton, a brand new alt rock/pop pantomime, written and directed by the artist, an illustrated talk billed as ‘containing numerous rambling anecdotes… not in the slightest bit boring’, and a screening of a documentary about his work titled A Shit Odyssey.


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