Latest set of 2021 Census results released on household and resident characteristics

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Second set of 2021 Census results released

The second set of findings from the 2021 Census, which focus on demography and migration, have been released by the Office for National Statistics this month.

This follows results released in June revealing total population changes across England and Wales. The new demography statistics focus on distinct characteristics such as age and the relationships between people within a household.

Statistics across Chichester according to the Census results

Across the Chichester District, the median age was found to be 48 — eight years higher than the average age across England (40). In Chichester, 38.8% of households were comprised of two people, while one-person households made up 31.1%.

The Census also revealed information on marital status, with those married or in a registered civil partnership dropping from 46.8% in 2011 to 44.6% across England and Wales. Statistics also include, for the first time, the number of married same-sex couples.

Full 2021 Census results and more information

The full results can be found at:, along with statistics and information on international migration.

This Census report is the second in a series being released over the next two years. Until the end of the year, further summaries will be released including data on ethnicity, religion, UK armed forces veterans, education, health, the labour market, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

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