Lancing & Worthing encouraged to keep on recycling by local TerraCycle champion

Sue and John Wellfare, public access drop-off location administrators for the Lancing and Worthing area are continuing to collect “hard-to-recycle” types of waste accepted by TerraCycle during the COVID-19 lockdown and encourage local residents to collect and store at home too.


Given the current situation with COVID-19 and the UK government’s guidelines to stay indoors and prevent the spread, our day-to-day lives have changed, and our priorities have shifted. But it is not all bad news! Green issues remain a key topic, and TerraCycle would like to remind everybody that recycling is as important now as ever before! By disposing of waste correctly or storing it to send to TerraCycle when things get back to normal, we can collect now and have an impact forever. With this in mind, TerraCycle is calling on the world to KEEP ON RECYCLING!


COVID-19 has, of course, had an impact on TerraCycle collections in the UK and public access drop-off locations across Lancing and Worthing have had to pause collections, including Findon Garden Centre, Sainsbury’s, Lyons Farm in Worthing and Co-op, North Road in Lancing run by Sue and John Wellfare.


Despite this, Sue and John along with TerraCycle, are encouraging their local network of recyclers to keep collecting and storing TerraCycle accepted waste streams at home so they can be sent for recycling as soon as things return to normal. They are also calling on anyone who might not be aware of their drop-off location, or recycling efforts, to also start collecting and storing their hard-to-recycle waste which can’t be accepted through the local council recycling system. By working together during this difficult time, we can maintain and even expand on the amazing networks that have been set up in the Lancing and Worthing communities!

John Wellfare commented: “We collect air care and laundry waste, personal care and beauty waste, biscuit and snack wrappers, crisp packets, pet food pouches, oral care waste, bread bags, disposable gloves, confectionery wrappers and pens through the TerraCycle programmes, and we encourage everyone locally to help by recycling this waste! This is waste which would otherwise end up in landfill or incineration as local councils simply aren’t able to process these materials. By working with us, and ultimately TerraCycle, we are giving these items a second life!  We’ve all worked hard to educate our communities that these hard-to-recycle items are now recyclable locally through our efforts and the response locally has been brilliant with lots of people dropping off to Findon Garden Centre, Sainsbury’s in Worthing and Co-Op in Lancing. So it would be a real shame if during the COVID-19 lockdown people forgot and simply threw the types of waste we can recycle away.”

John continued, “TerraCycle also awards charity points for each parcel we send which we donate to Care for Veterans, SERV Sussex and several other local charities. So far, we have saved over 3 million pieces of waste from local landfill or incineration and earned more than £39,000 for charity in the process. By collecting now and dropping your waste off at the garden centre in Findon, Sainsbury’s in Worthing or Co-Op in Lancing when it becomes possible again, collectors in the Worthing and Lancing area can continue to have a positive impact on the world!


Local people can help Sue and John’s efforts as a public drop-off location by collecting and storing their beauty care products, biscuit and snack wrappers, crisp packets, flip top caps, pumps and trigger heads from personal care and home care products, disposable gloves, pumps and tubes from handwash products, pet food pouches, toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, pens, highlighters and correction fluid pots and other waste items, and dropping them off to the public access collection box at Findon Garden Centre, Sainsbury’s, Lyons Farm, Worthing or Co-Op, North Road, Lancing when it becomes possible to do so.


 For more information about Sue and John’s efforts, and to see the full list of waste they collect, please go to the Recycling in Lancing Facebook page (


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