King’s Professor Releases Christmas Album to Raise Money for Prostate Cancer

Prof James Clark - King's College London

Professor James Clark, a Professor of Cardiovascular and Physiology Education at King’s College London, is dropping his third Christmas album, Silent Night, to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK on Monday 20th November.

Recorded at his home in Sussex, the 20-track album includes some rock, pop, blues and traditional Christmas songs all wrapped up for the festivities. Favourites such as White ChristmasThe Christmas Song and the title track Silent Night are all included in this 60-minute release.

Professor Clark enlisted the help of King’s College London colleagues to perform one of the songs on the album (Rockin’ around the Christmas tree) with a guest cameo from King’s College London’s Vice-Chancellor & President, Professor Shitij Kapur.

Last year Professor Clark raised over £2,000 for Prostate Cancer UK, a charity close to his heart following the diagnosis of his father three years ago. This year he’s looking to raise even more.

One in eight men will get prostate cancer. If a man is aged over 50, of Black ethnic background, or has brothers or a father who had it, they are at higher risk. Prostate cancer is not always life-threatening, but when it is, the earlier it’s caught, the more likely it is to be cured. Men can assess their risk of developing prostate cancer within 30 seconds by using Prostate Cancer UK’s online risk checker.

Professor Clark said: “Prostate cancer continues to kill men every year. This is such an important issue, I want to do everything I can to support the hard work and valuable research scientists are conducting to combat this cancer and spread some Christmas cheer at the same time. I’m proud to release this album and hope people will enjoy listening to some free Christmas tunes while donating to a good cause.”

The album is available to stream for free from SoundCloud and listeners who have enjoyed the music are encouraged to visit the Just Giving page to donate to the cause.


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