Kings Academy students celebrate GCSE results on 25th Aug with best English and Maths pass rate

Kings academy Year 11 students with GCSE results

Kings Academy GCSE results

Kings Academy Ringmer is celebrating another year of GCSE results. They congratulate all of the Year 11 students for their results, which reflect their hard work and commitment.

This year, students made great progress across the board, and the combined English and Maths pass rate is the school’s best ever, at 72%. Students performed well in both English and Maths. 85% of students achieved Grade 4/5 or better in English and 78% in Maths.

A number of subjects performed particularly well. 33% of History students achieved a grade 7 or above and 10% of students achieved a grade 9 in English, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Music and PE.

Highest achieving students

Several individual students excelled, including Serephina Watlkins who achieved eight Grade 9s and two grade 8s and Henry May who earned seven Grade 9s. Congratulations to Jack Hobbs, Rosie Ellis and Sky Jackson with five grade 9s and a host of 7s and 8s.

This year Kings Academy students have made good progress as they’re now in a position to take the next step in education, training or employment.

Principal and King’s Group Academies on GCSE results

The school’s Principal, Sian Williams, said: “I am delighted for ALL of our Year 11 students on their results and wish them every success in the future. It is not just about getting the highest grades, it is about personal success and the knowledge that determination and hard work is worth it.

“This is an uplifting occasion for us all and endorses the dedication and commitment of the staff as well as the students to not just their academic outcomes but the wellbeing of us all as we navigated the challenges of the last three years. This group of Year 11s took a leap of faith as they joined the school in its first year as part of King’s Group Academies.

“We couldn’t be prouder now to be an oversubscribed academy which offers success at all levels to our students.”

The CEO of King’s Group Academies, Nick Cross, commented: “It’s a fantastic set of results for the students. Congratulations to them as they go on to their next stage. Sian and the team at Kings Academy Ringmer have done an amazing job. Their dedication is mightily impressive and they have done the students proud.”


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