Kids cooking at Giggling Squid Chichester

Spring Rolls Giggling Squid Chichester

kids cooking at Giggling Squid Chichester

By Lucas Nutbeem (12)
We arrived and were greeted with a smoothie and a coffee for my mum. The whole restaurant was very pretty and floral and had paintings of flowers on the walls and pressed flowers in picture frames. Once all the children and parents had arrived, we went into a set out cooking area with a long table where all the children were given a chopping board and little pots with different ingredients in to make the Giggling Squid crispy duck spring rolls. There were pots with chopped up celery, carrot, leek, and spring onion, as well as the shredded duck and the special sauce.

We started when the Chef (Tay) showed us what to do, which was to put all of the ingredients, including the special sauce, into a bowl and mix it. It smelled lovely and looked really colourful with all the thinly sliced veg. Once we had mixed all the ingredients we were given a square of very thin pastry and a pot of mixed flour and water to seal the spring rolls up. We put the veg and duck mixture in the centre of the pastry square and were instructed to fold it and roll it in a specific way to make the perfect spring roll. Once it was carefully rolled and the “glue” had been applied to hold it together, the chef took it to the kitchen to be deep fried.

When the spring rolls came back 10 minutes later they were all crispy and looked delicious, which they were! Especially when you dipped them in the sauce that came on the side. Along with that, the other chefs made everyone Pad Thai, or Ruby Noodles if you had an allergy, which were really tasty. We were all given goodie bags and aprons with the giggling squid logo on, which were cool. The whole thing was an amazing experience and I would definitely like to go again with my family and try some of the other Thai food.

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