Key improvements to start at the Pavilion Theatre

The first steps towards the grand vision for the Pavilion Theatre’s redevelopment began this month; Worthing Theatres cemented their commitment to ongoing building improvements across all of the venues, starting work on the Pavilion Theatre toilets refurbishment.

The plans for redevelopment of the toilets, first announced earlier this year, will be the most comprehensive in the theatre’s recent history and will enlarge and modernise the facilities to create additional family spaces for baby changing and increased capacity to reduce wait time for patrons.

This will involve utilising sections of the basement of the building’s previously wasted storage space; re-purposing the space below the theatre’s auditorium. The newly refurbished toilets will be at the heart of the building and will vastly improve queues, allowing guests to enjoy more time at the bar and to find their seats for one of many performances at the Pavilion Theatre throughout the year, including the much loved family Pantomime. With an additional five cubicles within the ladies restrooms and all fixtures and fittings to be completely replaced, this will completely transform the space.

Simon Gray, General Manager for Operations comments “The modern design will really add something new and much needed to the redevelopment of the venue. I’m really pleased with these developments, and I am sure the public will be too.”

Refurbishments are already underway and the toilets are due to reopen in late autumn. For all performances during the refurbishment, patrons will have access to the the Pavilion Cafe Bar toilet facilities as well as the promenade public toilets, adjacent to the venue.

Amanda O’Reilly, Head of Culture stated “We always try to ensure we review our customer feedback and this has always been an important improvement on our list, we look forward to hearing what people think of the new facilities. Our vision for the Pavilion is to have a building that will thrive for years to come and this is an exciting small step towards that.”


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