Katy’s Scilly Isles challenge for St Richards Hospital, Chichester

Katy walks for St Richards

Six weeks before the end of 2020 a van hit Chichester resident Katy Parker as she was crossing a road. Katy  ended up in hospital for almost two weeks, and is still recovering.

Katy now wants to express how grateful she is for all the support she received whilst in hospital after the accident. To thank all the staff at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester for their compassionate care and support, Katy has decided to raise money for them by walking around the Isles of Scilly at the end of August.

The challenge is a 10-mile walk around the perimeter of St Mary’s island. St Mary’s is the largest and most populous island of the Scilly Isles. Walking the 10 miles will be challenging, but  in the knowledge that it’s for a good cause, Katy is confident she will be able to complete the walk.

Katy has teamed up with Friends of Chichester Hospitals, and all donations will go to them. The Friends are proud to be entirely volunteer-led and operated, supporting St Richard’s Hospital and local mental health services. This means that all the money raised will go directly to making a real difference for patients, visitors and staff.

A corwdfunding page to support the challenge is here

Crowdfunding to support St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester on JustGiving

You can find out more about the accident and Katy’s recovery and preparation for the walk at her blog https://journeyofsmiley.com


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